Liam Neeson Arises from His Resting Place in the Clip from ‘A Monster Calls’ Movie

Whether critics liked or disliked it, all agreed that A Monster Calls is a tear-jerker with some fairly exceptional components. Some even compared it to Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth, and now you can see why in this clip from Focus Features that sees the summoning of Liam Neeson’s gargantuan tree creature.

In the video, we see the titular beast break free from his relaxing place, stomp over to the boy’s window, and proclaim, “I have come to get you, Connor.” Watch it below:

Don not be misled by the awe-inspiring visuals. You will most likely need a tissue to make it through this movie. A Monster Calls continues this storytelling trend of kids adopting a fantastical world as a way of escapism from some type of trauma. We saw it lately with Pete’s Monster and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Gifted Kids, but it goes back much further. Even Pan’s Labyrinth — perhaps now you can see why the evaluations were created — did the same principle with the young Ofelia.

A Monster Calls movie screened for media at various movie festivals ahead of its limited release on Dec 23rd, followed by a wide release on Jan 6th. Bayona will next set out to helm the follow up to Jurassic World, which has been described as a metaphor for animal cruelty.

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